#1: 7 Quick Tools To Raise Your Energy Immediately

2 Jul 2024

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Your recovery kit for low energy days, when you need to show up no matter what.

We don't like low-energy days when we lack motivation and focus, but we need to have work done. For these days you have to have you personal recovery kit with tools that help you get back on track and show up at your possible best.


While this recovery kit is very personal for each individual, in this episode I am giving you the most common life hacks to quickly manage your personal energy level - get some physical power, claim back focus and lower anxiety.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • how to get back physical strength and feel energetic even after sleepless nights;
  • oxygenate your whole body and every cell;
  • decrease stress and anxiety on the spot;
  • get systems reset when you feel sleepy;
  • rehydrate your body and feel energetic;
  • get back to a productive state.


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Remember, while these tips are great for a quick boost, the ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable high energy levels. It’s important to learn how to navigate different energy levels and to develop long-term habits that keep your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies high. For more in-depth guidance, you might be interested in my signature course, Energy First.

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