How do you
feel now?

I am Olena Sadoma. My job is to help you feel good and powerful at any point of your life.

Energy is the fuel
of success in all spheres of your life
How far can your car go without fuel? It can be pushed by your will, by other people, go down the road without control.

But once you top up your tank - the car is ready to take you places you want.

Where do you want to go?
I'll help you fuel up your energy tanks and increase your energy capacity.
How I can help you
the services I provide
Personal life coaching
With the focus on energy and resourcefulness we will create a personal plan to boost your energy and develop skills to navigate ups and downs.
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Trainings on personal energy management
Done both to general public and companies I help you navigate your career and work engagement with the help of managing your energy levels.
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I give motivational speeches and workshops on living life to full potential, personal energy, resourcefulness.
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